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This web site is in a (very long) transition period. It used to be where you could find out about amateur motorcycle racing in Minnesota, and going back even further, information about fantasy footbal leauge sensation, RABEFL. That is no longer that case, and the creative team in the palatial offices are now trying to come up with a new focus. The overall look of the site is dated, and will be addressed, once the capitol pours in from the ISO.

The links below are what are currently offered. Playing bass and the band Spilled, based out of Mesa, Arizona, is included. The In Memory section are some tributes to people Iíve cared about, who are no longer with us. The next two are the last parts of the old site that are still updated, and the next three are stagnant leftovers from the old site.

Reasonably Current

Spilled Band web site

Boris Of Bass web site

In Memory


Minnesota Motorcyle Racing Hall of Fame Last Updated May 2014

All Time Win List, AMA Supercross and Motocross Last Updated August 2014

Motorcyle, sort of, Stories Last Updated July 2014


Historical Archives, circa 2001-2010, circa 2007

Incorrect Lyrics