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Welcome to the the Minnesota Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame. The intent of this collection is to highlight the motorcycle racing careers of the many talented riders from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Name / Year Qualified

Tom Severson 70s
Gary Gengel 70s
Douglas Wilson 1973
Tom Benolkin 1978
Jimmy Benolkin 1982
Chuck Partridge 1983
Don Bonnicksen 1983
Bruce Gates 1984
Troy Luhmann 1984
Gary Bronikowski 1985
Phil Dutcher 1985
Curtis Cohrs 1985
Donny Schmit 1986
Rob Engstrom 1990
Mike Atkinson 1991
Cory Keeney 1992
Chris Bense 1993
Lee Erickson 1993
Craig Decker 1993
Heath Voss 1995
James Polvony 1995
Lee Theis 1999
Michael Kann 2000
Tucker Hibbert 2003
Eric Kowalik 2005
Scott Jendro 2008
Spencer Dally 2009
Dalton Carlson 2011

Active Motocross Pros
Name / Year Qualified

Ryan Dungey 2007 *
Alex Martin 2008 *
Gannon Audette 2011 *
Jeremy Martin 2012 *
Jesse Wentland 2012 *
Mitchell Oldenburg 2013 *
Zack Williams 2013 *
Henry Miller 2016 *
Jerry Robin 2016 *

* Most Recently Updated

Millville Qualifiers

Flat Track
Al Burke
Al Mathwig
Peter Hook
Billy Hoffmeister
Randy Triplett
Davey Durelle
Jake Mataya

Hill Climb
Nate Redmann
Jay Sallstrom

Cross Country
Al Mathwig
Skip Olson
John Martin
Fritz Kadlec
Quentin Blomberg
Matt Stavisch
Jesse Blomberg
Craig Holasek
Nathan Ferderer
Tim Nienow
Todd Mathwig
Kyle Nelson
Dylan Debel


Road Racing
Pete Bohlig
Patrick Brown
Glen Christiansen
Mark Dargis
Adam Dolney
Brett Donahue
Sean Edget
Chris Flores
Greg Fryer
Michael Golden
Paul Heinen
Roger Hendricks
Jeff Japs
Jeff Johnson
Tom Mason
John Mensch
Bryan Okubo
Donny Schmit
Mike Seaton
Mike Moores
Christopher Spargo
Mark Vanderwerf
Jessica Zalusky

Last Updated December 2016

The Entry Requirements are simple, yet exclusive.
• The rider must either be from Minnesota or lived here during their pro career.
• The rider must have either qualified for a professional, national level, main event, or in the case of motocross, scored national points. (Eventually, I'll get to everyone who has ever qualified for a motocross national, but I wanted to make sure I got all others first.)

As I started the research, I realized how uninformed I was when it came to sports other than motocross. This initial version does not have details on very many riders and probably will have many omissions and a few inaccuracies. Feel very free to send me any information you can provide, even the whole biography with photos if you're really ambitious. Full credit will be given to any submissions.

Many “new” riders were discovered during the Spring 2013 induction. Better archives allowed the research team to find top 20 placements from all the tracks. Before the early records were limited to Millville, and the staff’s memory.

The idea for this has been periodically debated in the conference rooms of the palatial MXBob.Com headquarters, but the funding was always lacking. Spurned on by an offhand comment by national columnist, and part-time actor, David Pingree, an anonymous donor agreed to pour in the necessary capital to "let the world know about all the great motorcycle riders that have come from Minnesota."